Fee Schedule

Individual, marital or family therapy:
$115 for a 45 minute session (clinical hour),
$143.75 for a 60 minute session,
$172.50 for a 75 minute session,
$201.25 for a 90 minute session,
$287.50 for a 120 minute session.

Group Therapy:
$75 for a 2 hour group session,
$60 for a 90 minute group session
$45 for a 60 minute group session

Professional activities:
Billed at $115 per hour and prorated to 15 minutes increments ($28.75). (Please see the Client Information and Policy Statement for list of professional activities.)

Psychological Testing:
There will be a charge for the administration of the test as well as scoring and interpretation. This fee will be based upon the complexity of the test administered and time involved in scoring and interpreting. Your counselor will advise you of any fees prior to the administration of the testing. Additional time involved in interpreting or sharing test results with third parties will be pro-rated to our standard fee (see above).

Private Pay Rate:
As a courtesy, we offer at rate of $90 for a 45 minute session if all fees are paid at time of service and no insurance billing is involved.

*A standard session will last 45 minutes.

*Pay arrangements can be developed with your counselor on a case by case basis.

*If you are using insurance, your portion of fees may vary based on
individual contracts with your insurance company.

*We are happy to work with you but ask that you communicate with use about any payment difficulties.

*Please refer to our Client Information and Policy Statement form for more detailed information.

About Our Sessions

  • 45 minute sessions for individual, marriage and family therapy and counseling
  • Refer to our Policy Statement to learn about extended times and group rates
  • Most insurance accepted
  • 4 convenient locations on Sawmill, Grove City, Marysville & Circleville.

Membership Assistance Program

We offer a discounted rate to churches who wish to assist members in getting quality, faith based, professional counseling.


Our mission since 1990, we have sought to provide safe, non-judgmental guidance to help our clients find personal growth and freedom from the emotional pain they are experiencing.


To provide individuals, couples, and families with top quality ethical counseling services.


It’s our goal to create a comfortable, compassionate environment where we’ll work together to achieve your success.

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